Sending money and boots from safely blue places to battlegrounds.

The California Away Team is a long running volunteer community that focuses on voter turnout projects to elect Democrats. Our specialty skill is canvassing. We make canvassing very easy, and our programs are laser-focused on making sure the time spent canvassing has a bottom line impact on the results of the election. Learn more about our results and our program.

For the 2020 cycle several county Democratic parties around California will be running a GOTV program based on our model. We are volunteering for their events and donating money to their efforts. 

Upcoming events

We don't like to leave saving our democracy until the last minute in 2020, so we're in full swing! Here's our ongoing calendar of events:

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We need $2k to cover Calaveras County for the cycle and $2k to cover startup costs in El Dorado.


El Dorado County

Project lead: El Dorado County Democratic Party
Voter Universe (learn about this universe) 6,355
Knocks 520
Reactivated voters 199
Startup funds raised (1 activated voter costs $1.81) $157 of $2,000

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Calaveras County

Project lead: Calaveras County Democratic Party
Voter Universe: inconsistently voting registered democrats 651
Knocks 0
Reactivated voters 0
Whole budget funds raised (1 activated voter costs $1.81) $0 of $2,000
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