Our Strategy

Activating midterm-skipping Democrats

In districts where the number of Democrats who skip the midterms is close to or greater than the margin of win, we run a program to activate registered Democrats who skip the midterms with a clever Get Out The Vote campaign.  

Canvassing -- talking one-on-one with voters -- is the very best way to motivate a voter to get to the polls or fill out their vote-by-mail ballot. It's easy; it's even fun to connect and have a meaningful conversation with a fellow Democrat.

For our Last Weekend canvasses, we will be calling on voters who have not yet voted. The canvass is worth doing even at this point in the election season.

To reach the organizers, or if you don't get a RSVP confirmation with the address, contact:

Granite Bay canvasses
- Ellen D Riley (ellendriley@gmail.com, 916.757.0606)
- Lorraine King (lorraine.king@sbcglobal.net, 916.220.2872)

Calaveras County canvasses
- Don Stump (donstump1@gmail.com, 209.404.1639)

Here are the 'Last Weekend' canvasses that you can RSVP for now. When you RSVP, you'll receive the staging location and other details.

For the Granite Bay canvasses over the weekend, everyone is welcome to arrive and sign in as early as 9 am. We will be issuing territories and sending canvassers out as you arrive. The last territory will be given out at 4:30 pm.

Please pick one of these shifts so you can receive special GOTV training (even for veterans):

  • 9am for the 9-12 shift
  • 12pm for the 12-3pm shift
  • 230pm for the 230pm-5pm shift

Monday Nov 5 --- Canvass in Granite Bay  9 am onward; last territory handed out at 2:30pm

(We've moved the last one up a bit because it's getting really dark early for daylight savings)

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Canvassing FAQs

Should I come with a minivan of 6 people?

Please don't come with 6 people crammed into a mini van. Midterm skipping Democrats usually are spread out in spaces too far to walk to them all. We always send out pairs of 2 in cars. I know its worse for the environment, but we really need you to come in cars with 2 or 3 people. We are helping out both campaigns by specifically canvassing more rural and spread out turf that we think they might not cover.

Should I come if I don't have a partner?

We will find you a canvassing partner, no worries, just come!

I've never canvassed before, is it scary? 

If you've never canvassed before, we will train you and no, it's not scary. You're talking only to midterm skipping Democrats. Not Republicans, not Trumpers, not really even independents.

Do you have housing available?

We are not coordinating housing this election cycle. There are a number of very affordable hotels near our staging area. If you're coming, RSVP and then look online for hotels near the RSVP address you receive in your email confirmation. There are at least 3 that are less than $100 / night.

But, I can't come canvass, I really can't. What should I do?

This is tough. We already raised all the money we need. Now we really need people to come. In the meantime, you can try using the VoteWithMe app to encourage friends in battleground districts to vote.


Ballots were mailed starting Oct 8!
General election is November 6!

Our voter universe

We canvass registered Democrats who were registered to vote before Oct 15, 2014 and skipped the Nov 2014 election but then DID vote in the Nov. 2016 election. We canvass both vote by mail (VBM) and poll voters. We do not canvass No Party Preference Voters, Republicans that model as Democrats, or anyone not registered with the Democratic party.

Learn how this program works.

Learn about our outcomes as measured in the June 2018 primary.

To see how things stand at this point in the project, read here.

We are currently running this program in: