Activate forgetful Democratic and No-Party-Preference voters for the 2020 Elections

You're awesome! You're going to reactivate forgetful registered Democrats and Independent voters for a few hours. Here’s what will happen.


  • Please plan to arrive and sign in at 10am for first shift. The address will be emailed to you the week of the event.
  • If you have done CalAway canvassing in the 2020 cycle, you can pick up your turf and clipboards and go out. We can match you with a partner if you don't have one.
  • If you haven't attended a CalAway event in the 2020 cycle, we will train you in our program before you go out. We can match you with a partner if you don't have one.
  • 10am-1 pm  Go and knock on 25 doors (on average). Then come back and tell us about it!
  • After you come back (Optional)  - Please join us for a light snack and the good company of your fellow canvassers

Watch this video to see what canvassing with us is like


This is the private home of the precinct captain. Please be considerate of the neighbors and do not block driveways, park on grass, throw trash on the ground, speed around the neighborhood, roll through stop signs, or do anything else that is obnoxious.


Many people forget to vote even in Presidential election years. The California Away Team has a voter reactivation model that can raise voting rates by 7-10% as measured by our success in the 2018 midterms. It doesn't take millions of dollars, it doesn't take long conversations, it just takes canvassers asking individuals to sign a pledge to vote, and then the postage and printing to send that voting pledge back to them before the election.

In Placer County, the County Democratic party has identified 14,567 registered Democrats who vote pretty consistently, but forgot to vote in the 2016 President election.

That’s where you come in.

Our project between now and November 2020 is to knock on the doors of these forgetful voters and ask them to recommit to voting.  Canvassers remind these voters of the importance of their vote and have them complete a voting reminder postcard that we’ll mail to them before the March and November elections, a proven method of helping folks follow through with that commitment to vote.

Each voter you turn out will vote blue on over three dozen items that will appear on the ballot.

You’ll have a canvassing packet of 25 or so registered voters who skipped the 2016 election. Our previous canvassing work suggests that for every 2 registered voters you do speak to, 1 will sign a postcard voter pledge. It's a lot easier than registering new voters!

Please note that you do NOT need to know anything about candidates or issues; our purpose is a quick conversation about importance of getting Democratic leaning voters to the polls. These voters will help ensure that we elect officials at all levels from Congress down to city council that forcibly resist the Trump agenda.

Why do you need my full street address for the RSVP?

We're using a mobile app this year that allows us to provide you an electronic turf sheet through a mobile app for canvassing. To set you up for that, we need your address to check your record in the Placer County Democratic party copy of PDI, and make sure you have an entry. When you register ahead of time, we set up your record so that when you show up, your turf is ready to be assigned.

September 28, 2019 at 10:00am - 3pm
Placer County private home (address provided after you register)
Lincoln, CA, CA
United States
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Ellen Debach-Rilly · · 9167570606
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