Nov 5, 2018 -- Last Weekend Canvass: Midterm-skipping Democrats for the 2018 election!

In both the 4th and the 7th Congressional Districts of California, there are thousands of Democrats registered today who previously skipped voting in the midterms. Our project is to knock on the doors of these "midterm skipping" voters and ask them to recommit to voting.

Our voter reactivation program is simple. It involves

  • a brief but significant conversation reminding of the election
  • an invitation to sign our card 
    • that affirms a commitment to voting and encourages making a plan to vote
    • that can be then put on the fridge as an extra reminder!  

You're invited to join the last day of our last weekend of canvassing, Nov 2 - 5.

We will be handing out voter lists for CA-07 (Protecting Dr. Ami Bera, Democrat) and CA-04 (helping Democrat Jessica Morse turn this district red to blue). Most of our CA-04 voter lists will be in Granite Bay or Loomis. CA-07 will probably be Folsom.

Schedule:  Monday, Nov 5, 2018,  9 am onward. Last territory will be given out at 4:00 pm.

  • Everyone is welcome to arrive and sign in as early as 9 am. We will be issuing territories and sending canvassers out as you arrive. The last territory will be given out at 4:30 pm.
  • Please pick one of these times to arrive to help us with group training:
    • 9am for the 9-12 shift
    • 12pm for the 12-3pm shift
    • 2.30pm for the 2.30pm-5.30pm shift

Canvassing typically takes a couple of hours  Go and knock on 25 doors! Then come back and tell us about it!
After returning from canvassing

  • Fill out a tally sheet to summarize your results;
  • Socialize with the rest of the team over snacks;
  • Share your stories and learn from fellow CA Away Team canvassers.

Location: Granite Bay at a private residence

  • When you RSVP with an email address, we send you an email with the details. 
  • For Resistance group leaders: we welcome your members to canvass and to sign up and go through our RSVP process. We thank you for not publicizing the staging location on websites and Facebook pages.

What to expect   You'll be canvassing with a packet of 25 or so names and addresses of registered Democrats who have skipped midterms but who have voted in presidential elections. These are great conversations with people who share your Democratic values. Our previous canvassing work suggests that for every 2 registered Democrats you speak to, 1 will say yes to filling out our voting reminder postcard. It's an easy ask and a lot easier than registering new voters!

Should I come with a minivan of 6 people?   Please don't come with 6 people crammed into a mini van. Midterm skipping Democrats usually are spread out in spaces too far to walk to them all. We always send out pairs of 2 in cars. We know it's worse for the environment, but we really need you to come in cars with 2 or 3 people. We are helping out both campaigns (04 and 07) by specifically canvassing more rural and spread out turf that we think they might not cover.

Should I come if I don't have a partner?   We will find you a canvassing partner, no worries, just come!

I've never canvassed before, is it scary?   If you've never canvassed before, we will train you and no, it's not scary. You're talking only to midterm skipping Democrats. Not Republicans, not Trumpers, not really even independents.

Why canvass at this late point in the election?   If Democrats fail to vote in this midterm election, it's possible that District 07 could flip from Democrat to Republican, and that District 04 will remain Republican. Don't regret not volunteering. Instead, be a voter motivator! 

To see how things stand at this point in the project, read here.


Anna Ioakimedes Kim Geil Cindy Jensen Christi Meier Emmy Aricioglu Martin Weil Kaia Mclaughlin Anton Berteaux Susan Jones Steve Hopcraft Nate Gilmore Ellen Chapman Betsy Kerr Sandra Kaul Vicki Scharnikow Ellen Debach-Riley

Who's RSVPing

Anna Ioakimedes
Kim Geil
Cindy Jensen
Christi Meier
Emmy Aricioglu
Martin Weil
Kaia Mclaughlin
Anton Berteaux
Susan Jones
Steve Hopcraft
Nate Gilmore
Ellen Chapman
Betsy Kerr
Sandra Kaul
Vicki Scharnikow
Ellen Debach-Riley

Will you come?

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