Draft timeline for 2020

[This page is no longer current. We've begun our 2020 cycle projects. -Shabbir May 2, 2019]

I know we just had a wave election, but there's another one coming in 2020 and the California Away Team focuses on winning elections. Here's a rough timeline of what we're thinking of for 2020. If you have a passion for electing Democrats and eliminating Republican elected officials that continue poorly represent us in California, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Rough timeline for 2020 cycle (most specifically next 3 months)

Nov-Dec 2018:
-Thank you activities
  • Thank volunteers and canvassers with events around Bay Area, CA-04, and CA-07
  • Produce shwag to provide to volunteers at discounted prices (pins, coins, shirts)
  • Shabbir conducting post-election interviews with site leaders
  • Live "thank you" picnic event (Napa has been suggested)

-Planning activities

  • "Listening tour" of phone calls, emails, and live meetings to hear from volunteers about what they liked, what they'd like to focus on, and what they'd like to participate in in the future.
  • Online survey of volunteers covering some of the same questions above
  • Exploration of new legal structure with FEC counsel allowing sharing of resources with county parties and primary candidate winners
  • Exploration of technology infrastructure stack, including new database (PDI or stick with NB?), canvassing apps to replace 90% of turf cutting, gamification of canvassing and other volunteer work, tracking of volunteer voter registration and turnout activities to canvasses/postcards done.
  • Developer full election cycle schedule up to and including last weekend and election day GOTV in coordination with campaigns/county parties
  • Identification of a Vice Treasurer
  • Identification of an accounting/FEC volunteer¬†+ backup
  • Research and identification of target voter universe for 2020
  • Planning of 2 year marketing campaign for voter universe that updates them on the key differences between Republicans and Democrats
  • Research as well as test canvasses around voter registration done by direct mail as well as honing a "canvassing for VR" script
  • Two webexes (Dec, Jan) to help provide an overview of the CA Away Team model and basic activity totals for volunteers and potential volunteers, including organizers. Solicit "indications of interest" from potential site leaders (canvassing or postcards)
January February 2019:
  • Final experiments to determine strategy, specific tactics, and fundraising requirements of the 2020 Cycle Plan
  • Estimations of fundraising requirements for executing plan and working with fundraising volunteers
  • Webex presentation of plan and official opening of applications for canvassing and postcarding site leaders
March 2019
  • Fundraising
  • Acceptance of applicants for site leaders; Training for site leaders
  • Setup of ongoing status meetings for site leaders
April 2019-March 2020
  • Voter reg and voter pledge activities conducted with party committees but independent of primary candidates*.¬†
  • February 2020: Assemble voter pledge packets for March 2020 primary
April 2020
  • Pivot to general
  • Establish data sharing with Democratic primary winner(s)*, begin distributing supporting materials for candidates during our canvasses
  • Continue VR/VP activities until voter reg deadline
October 2020 including Last Weekend through election day
  • Identify turnout universe for last weekend / election day GOTV activities
  • Work in concert with county parties and primary campaigns* to GOTV target universe.
* We will never ever take sides when two Democrats are running on the ballot as Democrats.(If one decides to run as an independent, we will not support them any longer). In some cases this means we'll distribute both of their materials. In other situations, it means we'll share data with both, but won't try and colocate our activities inside both campaigns headquarters. This is a good problem to have.

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