Elk Grove Resistance turns out to re-activate local, lapsed voters!

IMG_20170813_163018.jpgThe California Away Team's District 07 (CA-07) Midterm Election Project took a big step this weekend with the addition of a focused effort in Elk Grove. CA-07 can be logically divided into three (sorta) distinct population centers: "Sacramento" (Rosemont, Arden, Carmichael, Citrus Heights Fair Oaks, etc), Elk Grove, and Folsom.

With over 12,000 midskippers we're hot to ramp up our efforts, and the nice folks of the Elk Grove Resistance are hot to join us . After attending previous canvassing efforts in Sacramento, they decided to 'bring it on home" to Elk Grove.

With all the craziness in Virginia on our minds (which are already at capacity with other accumulated craziness), the weather was kind (only 90 deg) and 5 members of the Elk Grove Resistance and 1 member of Sacto INDV stepped up on Sunday. We worked three "turfs" in southern Elk Grove, knocked on 70 doors of Registered Democrats of which 34 answered the door, and got 29 of those midskippers to engage in our old-fashioned analog post card reminder service. BTW, this has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques for getting people to vote by previous campaigns such as Rock The Vote '96Obama '12, and McAuliffe '13


Despite it being 90 degrees, they re-activated all these lapsed Democrats.  Holy Effective Resistance Fighters, Batman!

We were absolutely amazed with the efficiency achieved by our Elk Grove Resistance partners. Three teams of two = six canvassers produced TWENTY-NINE voter reactivations. Of the 70 doors knocks, 34 of the voters sought were home, and 29 of them agreed to commit to voting in the 2018 midterm election.  In case it's too early to do math, that means that 85% of the people they spoke to said yes.

Honestly, this team should be in sales because an 85% success rate for any kind of selling is amazing.

The bar for performance has been raised! Did I mention that we were done in under 3.5 hours? 29 reactivated Dems by six canvassers in 3.5 hours.

Look at all the re-activated Democrats they spoke to!  They will be watching their impact on election night and know that they had a material impact with the investment of a single afternoon.

Inspiring work by the Elk Grove Resisters.

Many special thanks to our local host Jaclyn Moreno for making her home available!


Our next event is in Carmichael - Sunday, September 10, 2-6p. Come join us in an effective and low-stress direct action to help take our country back. RSVP at http://www.calawayteam.com/canvassing_september_10_2017

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