Doing our part to help flip California's Tenth Congressional district from red to blue

Local Partners In CA-10

Democratic Club of Greater Tracy

Indivisible Manteca


Local partners help us with on-the-ground logistics,

provide us local context and information

and receive dumps of our canvassing data.

CA-10 is a Congressional district which voted for Clinton, but currently has a legacy Republican member of Congress serving in the House of Representatives.  Locals in the district are working hard to organize within the district to flip this district from red to blue.  We've partnered with several of them to implement our midterm-skipper strategy in CA-10 in a way that's complementary to their efforts.


(Thanks for the Congressional district map Wikipedia)

Besides a strong candidate and a little luck, flipping this district will require efforts on multiple fronts: growing the voter base through registration, locally focused messaging, recruiting and turning out nonpartisan voters, and turning out our base.  This last step is where our mid-term skipping Democrat activation program comes in.



Look at all the voters who are active today who skipped voting in 2014!

There are 15,778 Democratic voters registered TODAY in CA-10 that skipped voting in the 2014 midterm elections.  That's more than the margin of win for this Congressional seat from the last two elections.  We're going to knock on their doors and get them to commit to vote in 2018.  If you'd like to help, sign up and volunteer with us.