Double Party: Sat, Sept 29, 2018 -- Postcards To 07 + Mailing Prep of commitment cards -- To midterm-skipping Democrats for the Nov Election!

You are invited to a double party. We are preparing a mailing to return voter commitment cards and to write postcards to midterm-skipping Democrats for the November election

Postcard Party   There are many midterm-skipping registered Dems that still live in District 7 -- so many that we can't get to all their doors. As an extension of our canvassing, you're invited to write postcards to those voters. You will get a script, and there will be pens and highlighters for the artistically inclined. Of course you can bring your favorite writing tools.

Mailing Party  Since our first canvass in April of 2017, we've collected close to 1,400 signed voter pledge postcards. In early October we'll mail those pledges back to the voters. You're invited to help with the mailing party. We've decided to dress up the mailing so that voters get a little more than their signed pledge card -- see the photo of our envelope on a big stack of election mail. The envelope requires some assembly.

When   Saturday Sept 29, 2018. There will be two shifts through the day, from 10 am to 5 pm. Basically, just come at the time that best suits your schedule.

Location   When you RSVP with an email address, we send you an email with the location of our staging area, a residence in Fair Oaks.

Back Story   In the 7th Congressional District of California, there are 15,000+ Democrats registered today who previously skipped voting in the midterms. In the 2018 midterms the margin of win for this seat is expected to be probably 1,500 votes. Our project between April 2017 and the fall 2018 elections has been to knock on the doors of these "midterm skipping" voters and ask them to recommit to voting by signing a pair of voter commitment cards which we mail back to them as a reminder before the election. On Sept 29, we will prepare the mailing of the second of the two cards.

Read more about our strategy and how we're going to hold onto CA-07 for Democrats here.

Sept 29, 2018 at 10am - 5pm

Who's RSVPing

Cassandra Trevino
Jill Shallenberger
Julie Chapman
Marsha Kilian
Darlene Wilcox
John Proffitt
Beverly Snipes
Laura Sparks
Cheryl McKinney

Will you come?

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