Meet the team

CA-07 Field Team


Cheryl McKinney: Sacramento County volunteer wrangler and canvasser extraordinaire

Contra dance musicking, stopping in the middle of the trail to sketch the vista, cooking [sorta] Mexican-ish food at home, talking to voters --- lots of fun to be had in this place and time!

Core organizational team


Shabbir Safdar: PAC Treasurer, chauffer, wild-eyed visionary, bass player

Shabbir's been a grassoots organizer since the time of modem-based bulletin boards and FidoNet.  He's pleased that cat photos are so much faster to download now.


Eugene Salazar:



Erin Woodworth: Duck Sequencing and Alignment

Angelino by birth, Central Californian by necessity (really, I can’t leave), all Californian. In my spare time I start craft projects.

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