Organizer information

Letter writing organizers

Instructions for voter letters writers for letters packets for "25Dems" are available for El Dorado County, Placer County, and Calaveras County. If you'd like a Word version so you can customize it, with instructions for returning the packets directly to you, for example, let Shabbir know.

The 2m30s video for existing CA Away Team volunteers can be found here, and explains the campaign and the pivot.

There is also a shorter video (2m) which is designed to simply pitch the letter writing campaign to anyone.

Canvassing organizers

Creating new events

When a new event is set, we create an event page to allow RSVPs, add the event to the homepage listing which gets included in regular emails, and we publish a Facebook event that links back to the original event on the website.

To create new events, please email [email protected] Please include:

  • Time, date, and address of the event (please, no secret staging areas, it's a problem!)
  • How many shifts the event has (1 or more)
  • Any description of the event you want different from the original
  • Name, email address, and phone number of the organizer that should appear on the event page
  • What other organizations on Facebook should be made co-hosts of the event

It is assumed that one of the lead organizers in the county (Ellen in Placer, Don in Calaveras, or Frank in El Dorado) will login to download the RSVPs ahead of the event 48 hours before the event. If you can't do this for the event, please let Shabbir know.

Submitting attendance and knock/pledge data

After every event, please take a clear, camera phone photo of the attendance sheet for your event and send it to [email protected] This is critical to making sure each attendee gets credit for attending the event and gets into the database.

Please enter your knock and pledge data on the spreadsheet. IF you have questions email to [email protected]

Photos of canvassers or crowd shots of canvassing events / social media or email requests

Please take a photo or two at each event that isn't staged, such as for checking in. Additionally, the end photo with each canvassing team showing the cards they earned is important for future events. Please share these with the social media team at [email protected]

If you have a particular need for something to get mentioned in email or social media, please email the team at this same email address.