Postcard Party: Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018 -- Write to midterm-skipping Democrats in CA-07


50,000 Democrats skipped the 2014 midterm elections in CA-07's Congressional district (Sacramento). 13,000 of them are still registered in Sacramento today and will likely skip the 2018 midterm election. We've been executing a well understood voter pledge strategy to keep that from happening. Since our first canvass in April of 2017, we've collected over 1,100 signed voter pledge postcards. In early October we'll mail those pledges back to the voters.

Read more about our strategy and how we're going to hold onto CA-07 for Democrats here.

Our primary mission continues to be talking one-on-one with voters, since that direct contact is the most effective.

If you can only participate in one thing — please canvass! If however you have a little more to give . . .

Please join us in writing postcards — to the mid-skipping District 7 Dems that we won’t be reaching via a canvass. For the first time, we’re adding postcards to support our program of contacting the almost 13,000 voters on our lists. 

Location   When you RSVP with an email address, we send you an email with the location of the postcard party, a residence in Carmichael.

When   Wednesday, Aug 22, 2018, from 7 to 9 pm.

Why work in CA-07?
In the 7th Congressional District of California, there are 13,000 Democrats registered today who previously skipped voting in the midterms. In the 2018 midterms the margin of win for this seat is expected to be probably 1,500 votes. Our goal is to uphold at least that margin of winning in order to keep CA-07 blue. That's one piece in the larger project of flipping the House of Representatives in the next election.

Aug 22, 2018 from 7 to 9 pm
Brenda Main Julie Chapman Patricia Jenni Cheryl McKinney

Who's RSVPing

Brenda Main
Julie Chapman
Patricia Jenni
Cheryl McKinney

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