Report card: Feb 1, 2018

Well we've been at this for several months now and we've designed a report card for ourselves. Our little all-volunteer project that's running on a shoestring has passed a number of milestones. We've proven that our canvassing model and our strategy works to get voter commitments. We've honed the techniques we use to get people who've never canvassed feel comfortable with the idea of canvassing by sending them to ONLY speak to Democrats.

And we've set some ambitious but worthy goals to make a real impact in the midterm elections. So here's our report card showing our goals, how we're doing on them, and what we need in terms of funds to get there.

If you want to support us, and frankly, we're pretty far behind in our fundraising, we need 28 $500 donors to make it to our goal for the entire election cycle. Since we're a superpac we can take corporate checks (and actually, any amount of money so go nuts). Take a moment and put your money where it's been getting canvassers on the ground to turn out the vote 18 months before the election. Donate to us through ActBlue.



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