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We have a special election on May 25, 2017 for the one, at large Congressional seat in Montana, since the former winner of that seat is the new Secretary of the Interior.  This is a red-to-blue flip opportunity.  Rob Quist is the Democrat from Montana who has won the Democratic primary to run for that seat.  


He's on record opposing dismantling of the ACA, opposed to defunding Planned Parenthood or public schools, and opposed to transferring the public lands of Montana to private hands.  He's pro-choice, in favor of capping student loan interest rates at 3%, pro gay marriage, and opposes Citizens United.  


He plays the banjo.  (That's a joke, I play bluegrass music with many beloved banjo player)

Can a Democrat win in Montana?

Yes.  Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) won in Montana, and just in 2016, the Governor's race went to a Democrat by over 3%, our usual definition of a battleground.  Montana has a fierce political independence streak.  Voters don't register for a party, and had a 75% turnout rate in 2016.  They often split their tickets.  Democrats can win here, but Quist needs your help.   

A Democrat can win here, and it's up to us to help him.   Please make a donation to our Special Election Fund.   At this moment your donation will be split between Jon Ossof (GA-06) and Rob Quist (MT-AL) who are both running for seats in winnable red-to-blue flippable districts.

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