Helping to keep the Delaware legislature blue by electing Stephanie Hansen to DE Senate district 10

We said, "Hey, it looks like the Delaware state legislature will be all controlled by Democrats if we can just win this one seat in the state Senate.   Since we can't go to Delaware, let's raise money and send it to the Democratic candidate Stephanie Hansen with an ActBlue page!"


Well we asked, and you answered.  With many small dollar donations, we ended up raising $3,785 online and then another $1,265 in checks at last night's reception hosted by Kristen, Ted, Paul, and Catherine for a total of $5,050!  I checked campaign finance reports and it looks like the campaign spent about $70,000 in January alone for their late February election, so this money was both a big deal and sorely needed.

My many thanks to everyone that came out to talk about the commitments they wanted to make to change things for the future, and for committing to help Democrats in tight races get elected.  

Shabbir addresses the crowd about the importance of the race.

Away Team Leader Shabbir Safdar addresses the crowd at the reception

 Crowd at the Hansen party

Crowd enjoying the reception

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