Thank you amazing canvassers!

IMG_20170716_171034.jpgThe weather forecast said it was going to be 105 degrees in Sacramento on July 16th, our much anticipated canvassing day.  Some people cancelled.  Over 20 people refused to bow to Mother Nature (was that wise?  Still not sure) and showed up anyway.

We freaked out about the weather, but we decided that by canvassing in cars with air conditioning, we could keep you safe.  We doubled up people in cars and sent each carload out to knock on 25 doors of midterm skipping registered-to-vote Democrats.  The houses of midterm skipping registered Democrats are usually 2-3 blocks apart so walking isn't really an option anyway.  


You knocked on doors and asked voters who usually skip midterms to commit to voting.  We moved our canvassing back a few hours and had you knocking 3-6pm.  During that time frame, 33% of the people were home.

And then you made the pitch, "I'm a fellow registered Democrat, and I want to make sure nobody accidentally forgets to vote.  Let me send you this free reminder postcard right before the next two elections to remind you to vote.  I'll even pay for the stamp."

Did they say yes?  Oh my they did.  You were very persuasive.  You got them to say yes to your postcard pitch 68% of the time.  Apparently you should be in sales, because nobody I know in sales has a 68% success rate when they walk up to a stranger's door.  See our whole spreadsheet if you're that kind of nerd.

In each photo below, the canvassing team is holding two postcards for every voter who usually skips midterms but has committed to voting in 2018.  When you're watching the returns in the June and November midterm elections, you can trace the numbers in CA-07 specifically to the afternoon you spent in Sacramento 100+ degree heat.  You helped boost those numbers, and that's a measurable act of Resistance.

Many thanks to our local hosts Cheryl McKinney and Duncan Moyer Jr.  Both did promotion for the event above and beyond what I had hoped, and Duncan let us stage canvassing at his home.

Inspired? Sign up for our remaining 2017 canvassing events on Sep. 10th, Oct. 22nd, Nov. 12th, and Dec. 10th.









The beautiful and dedicated California Away Team data entry team runs on beer, wine and deep dish pizza.  They enter all your canvassing data on the Tuesday night after you knock on all those doors and sort the valuable postcards you collect.

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