Tshirts for 2016/2012 volunteers

It's time to put in your order for a tshirt if you volunteered this last cycle.  Below the fold you'll see the design I'm setting up for the order.  Volunteer Cheryl McKinney is re-drawing my crude sketch, but it won't look radically different than this.  

If you volunteered while another member of your family (or friend) kept an eye on children or pets, it's certainly ok to order them a shirt as well.  As you have often heard me say, "The revolution needs childcare."   But please do not order shirts for people who didn't volunteer.  You can obtain your ordering link from the Away Team member who was with you.  For Sacramento/Reno/anywhere-else that's Shabbir, or Hope for Arizona that's Shayna, or for New Hampshire that's Michael Rowan.

Front of shirt


Back of shirt


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