Volunteer in CA-04

Canvassing events in CA-04 (McClintock) include:

Before the November 6 election, we will have 'canvasses' (going door-to-door to talk with midterm-skipping registered Dems and collecting voter commitment cards from them which we will mail back to them before Nov 6). We also will have 'postcard writing' events where we will hand write postcards to 'skippers' who live too remotely for us to be able to canvass in person, mostly in the southern counties of CA-04. And, on canvass events dates that happen to be really hot, over 100 degrees, we will offer the postcard option. So many options to join us in reaching out to CA-04 voters!

Placer County (Roseville, Rocklin, Lincoln, Auburn, Truckee)
El Dorado County (El Dorado Hills, Cameron Park, Placerville, Pollock Pines, South Lake Tahoe).
Other counties of CA-04 may be added; stay tuned.

To reach the organizer for each county, or if you don't get a RSVP confirmation with the address, contact:

Placer County events - Ellen D Riley (ellendriley@gmail.com, 916.757.0606)

El Dorado County events - Lorraine King (lorraine.king@sbcglobal.net, 916.220.2872)

These are dates that you can RSVP for now:

Saturday August 25 --- Canvass: Pollock Pines (El Dorado County)

Sunday August 26 --- Canvass: Pollock Pines (El Dorado County)

Saturday August 25 --- Canvass: Roseville

Sunday August 26 --- Canvass: Roseville

Saturday September 15 --- Canvass: Roseville

Saturday September 15 --- Canvass: Placerville (El Dorado County)

Sunday September 16 --- Canvass: Roseville

Sunday September 16 --- Canvass: El Dorado Hills

Saturday September 29 --- Canvass: Roseville

Saturday September 29 --- Canvass: Cameron Park (El Dorado County)

Sunday September 30 --- Canvass: Roseville

Sunday October 7 --- Canvass: El Dorado Hills

Saturday October 13 --- Canvass: Roseville

Saturday October 13 --- Canvass: Placerville (El Dorado County)

Sunday October 14 --- Canvass:  Roseville


Check back here as we create event pages for these upcoming events:

Sunday September 30 --- Canvass: El Dorado County

Additional possible dates in October in El Dorado County:  21

Ballots are mailed Oct 8!
General election is November 6!

When you RSVP, you will get more event details, including the starting address.

Our voter universe

We canvass registered Democrats who were registered to vote before Oct 15, 2014 but skipped the Nov 2014 election but then DID vote in the Nov. 2016 election. We canvass both vote by mail (VBM) and poll voters. We do not canvass No Party Preference Voters, Republicans that model as Democrats, or anyone not registered with the Democratic party.